The Linux Programming Interface

I should have read this years ago. It’s a big boi, but if you work around linux or are interested in it - this book is a critical primer on many of the core topics you’ll need to really understand what’s going on. I binged this book on the first pass over multiple weeks - deliberately skipping implementing the code examples, opting to just read them / ensure I understood them. I choose to do this so that I could get over as much content as possible, with the view of circling back over the examples once I’m finished The C Programming Language book so that I can make better decisions about the code I’m writing.

The C Programming Language

I generally try to avoid taking on multiple books but I figured as the above is so large and much of the books example code is given in C, then this book which I’m long overdue on would be a nice complement.

It’s fine. Concise and clear wording; unlike the print quality, unfortunately. This books print looks like it was hand-painted by a very nervous individual trying to hit a deadline in the dark. Print-quality aside, I’d say this is an important book to read, but not much of a page-turner. For me the biggest advantage of the book was seeing syscall libraries in action and also appreciating more about what cpp gives us.

Up next

I have two “crackers” on my desk. Really looking forward to these: